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MassTaxConnect is now live

Steve Ellard

December 1, 2015

Yesterday, the DOR officially launched its newest online portal for filing and paying business taxes in the Commonwealth: MassTaxConnect. MassTaxConnect has replaced WebFile for Business, offering all the benefits the old system offered, along with a host of new functionalities that will make paying and filing taxes in Massachusetts easier, simpler, and more efficient than ever before.

Users can access MassTaxConnect at the following URL:

Same username and password!
As someone who has filed or paid taxes online with us in the past, you’ll be able to immediately log-in to MassTaxConnect using your WebFile for Business username and password.

Identity verification!
The first time you log on to MassTaxConnect from a new computer, you will be asked for an authentication code as an additional security measure. Request the code in the pop-up window and enter it on the login page. Be sure to click “trust this computer,” and you’ll only have to do this once for any given computer.

MassTaxConnect Resources!
To help make the transition to the new system as smooth and seamless as possible, we’ve redesigned our MassTaxConnect informational page with an arsenal of resources at your disposal. This includes tutorials, FAQs, and DOR contact information if the site does not adequately answer your questions.

Video Tutorials!
Perhaps most importantly, DOR has put together a series of mini-video tutorials that show you step-by-step how to complete the following tasks in MassTaxConnect:
Log-in as an existing WfB user
Log-in as a new user (non-WfB users)
Add, access, and manage your accounts
File a return
Pay a bill
View and file and amended return
Authorize a 3rd party to manage your account
Request 3rd party access to an account
Send an e-message, including with an attachment
Update my address or my contact information?
File a dispute of audit or penalty (abatement request)
Access DOR letters and notices
Get on a payment plan for money I owe

Account ID
Once you’re in the system, you’ll notice that you have a new alphanumeric account identification number. This will replace federal employer identification numbers and other personally identifiable information. Doing so will enhance the security of our system and protect your identity from fraudsters. Take note: You’ll also soon be receiving a letter in the mail with your new account ID.

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