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Hosting an employee holiday party that is festive, frugal and free of stress

Steve Ellard

December 2, 2019

Hosting a holiday party for your staff is one of the best ways to show them you care—while also creating some meaningful, team-driven memories. Follow our tips below for hosting a memorable soiree that doesn’t push your stress or your budget past your limit.

  • Make a list—Organization is a natural stress deterrent, so live by a list this holiday party season. Keeping a list will help you plan, stay on budget and identify where you can delegate work.

  • Include your staff—Simply ask employees if they would like to be part of the planning process. This can promote a stronger feeling of being part of the team…while also providing some stress-reducing support. Those who love to plan parties will likely step forward.

  • Stock up ahead of time—Start stocking up on needed items months ahead of time to take advantage of sales. Also consider purchasing several staple items in bulk, like plates, napkins, cups, nuts, chips and other non-perishables. By the time the party rolls around, you’ll be surprised at how many things you can have checked off your list and how much you’ve saved by not waiting until the last minute.

  • Deck the halls—Don’t forget the festive part of throwing a holiday party. Decorations and music are key. Stocking up on decorations ahead of time can save you money. You can also use items you have at home. Consider simple but elegant table center pieces made from colorful ornaments stacked in a glass bowl. It’s also likely that you have a few crafty and creative employees who can help with innovative (and budget-friendly) decorations.

    And don’t forget the music! Simply pipe in a holiday station over a free service like Spotify or Pandora. If someone has an ad-free music subscription, ask them if they would be willing to log in and play music from their account. Selecting instrumental holiday playlists will add to the festive feeling without distracting lyrics that can detract from conversations.
  • Create a feeling of comfort—If a formally catered meal is not in your budget, opt for a more casual buffet stocked with holiday comfort foods. Purchasing food for a buffet is often cheaper than catering a formal meal. You can also float out the idea of a potluck, so everyone can contribute and show off their favorite dishes.

The holidays should be fun and relaxing. Follow our tips to host a memorable holiday party for your staff, while staying on budget and keeping it fun and festive.

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